5 Things Turnstyle Isn’t

5 Things Turnstyle Isn’t

Photo credit: squidish's photo stream on Flickr

Recently we got a great review on Yelp that summed up beautifully a bunch of things that Turnstyle isn’t:

  1. Shiny
  2. Above-ground
  3. Super high-tech
  4. Spa-like
  5. For everyone

Not for everyone? The reviewer (Andrea from Boston) explains: “If you’re the only-Lulu-wearing, uber-competitive, ‘spin snob’ type, I might recommend you pick another studio. But if you’re new to indoor cycling, or a little less confident about fitness classes, or just want a place that feels completely judgment-free and awesome… go here. Now. Right now.”

Thank you, Andrea—we’re so glad you feel that way! That’s exactly what we want people to experience when they come to Turnstyle. We are sincerely looking to create a non-judgment zone around here, where everyone from first-timers to hardcores can feel comfortable.

So if Turnstyle isn’t all that, what is it? According to Andrea: “What Turnstyle is: the most fun, by far, that I’ve ever had working out!”

And besides that?

“The music playlists are amazing (especially the themed ones!), the workouts varied enough that you forget how hard you’re working, and the instructors are really kind, really energetic, and really… genuine?

“Somehow, I feel like Turnstyle is the only indoor cycling studio I’ve been to where I’d actually want to go get a beer with the instructors after class.  More than that, it’s definitely the only spin studio where the instructors would actually probably say ‘yes’ to that beer and some fries to boot.”

Whether you’re new to the workout scene or you’ve been going to the gym since birth, you owe it to experience the non-judgment zone at Turnstyle. Because there’s more to “feeling great” than just being in shape…

Your first 3 rides are only $30, so why not give indoor cycling a try?