A Letter To Vélo-City Riders

A Letter To Vélo-City Riders

Dear Rider,

When we first opened Vélo-City on that cold, winter day in 2013, we never imagined how beautiful 2016 would look. We were a group of guys opening an Indoor Cycling studio, at a time when boutique fitness was growing, studios were sprouting up all over the city, and differentiation was necessary. What was going to be better about Vélo-City? How were we going to stand out? These are all questions that ran through our heads for quite some time.

Fortunately, we had a stroke of luck. We were handed the gift (on a silver platter, we might add) of amazing customers and instructors. Customers and instructors with full time jobs leading busy lives, who looked forward to that reliable and consistent 45 minute workout each day. People like you. No doubt we’re biased, but the Vélo family is AWESOME and you should be proud of yourselves. And words can’t describe how thankful we are. Through a few challenging days and many good days, you stood by us. You were there through our air conditioning issues last year. And you even stayed on your bikes when a random stranger pulled the fire alarm during Steph’s class. You probably shared a beer with us afterwards, too.

Through the years, you’ve helped us define our culture. In fact, you are our culture. You’ve made our basement environment as bright as possible. You’ve told us what’s important to you. You’ve called when you’re running late or when you’re stuck in a meeting, and showed us that erring on the side of generosity and flexibility is best because we know losing a class credit just plain sucks. You give us amazing feedback. In fact, you’ve always been brutally honest with us.

…..and now, it’s time for us to be honest with you.

We’ve been seeing someone. And it’s getting serious.

We’re coming up on two and a half years old. Our bikes are selling out days in advance. Customers and instructors are asking for more classes. We know we can’t stay single forever.

A while back, we began dating the gang across the river at Turnstyle. At first it was casual: they took a few classes here, we took a few classes there. But then we took the next step. Rich taught a ride at Vélo and Deepak taught in Kendall. We started talking details. And culture, because that’s so important. And what really drives us to be in this business to begin with. Do you know what we discovered? Our visions were identical. Our hearts spun to the same beat. We rode the same cadence.

Enough with the bad analogies. Let’s just say it was love at first sight.

So without further delay, we are ecstatic to announce that Vélo-City and Turnstyle Cycle are joining forces under a unified brand to bring you three locations throughout the city of Boston: Back Bay, Kendall Square, and South End’s Ink Block opening in April. We will offer bootcamp classes, TRX classes, and of course cycling classes across the three locations. All bikes will be stationary (no RealRyders), all classes will be themed, all instructors will be friendly and unique, and your experience as a customer will continue to be, at a minimum, what you’ve grown to love and expect every time you walk through that green door in Back Bay. Oh, and that money thing isn’t changing, either: our prices are going to remain the same, and we’ll still do sales for those who like to stock up!

We know it’s 2016, but even in most modern marriages, there’s usually a name change of some sort. We’ve decided to retire the name Vélo-City in favor of the Turnstyle brand. This was a group decision and we’re all on board with it. The important part is to remember that our culture, environment, and classes are here to stay. We know you’ve heard this before: airlines merge all the time, and things end up changing. You lose your frequent flyer points. Legroom shrinks. We promise you this is different. You’ll see!

By the time you read this letter, we will have announced the merger to the community by way of a press release, which you can read here. A frequently asked questions (FAQ) page has been established here, but if you have any additional questions, our door is always open. Send us an email and we’ll do our best to get you the answers you need.

Most importantly, we’re throwing a party on March 30th at the new South End location. There will be a DJ, open bar, a chance to catch up with new and existing members and instructors, open bar, healthy (and unhealthy) snacks, prizes, and open bar! We’ll be sending out more details shortly, so stay tuned!

We can’t tell you how excited we are for the next few weeks, let alone the next few years! They say all good things must come to an end. Who the heck thought of that? We’re just getting started.

Cheers to the future,

– Tom, Nick, Matt, and the rest of the #vélofam