Bout That Time, Eh Chap?

Bout That Time, Eh Chap?

Dear Rider,

Surely you remember this video. If you don’t, you should watch it again. And Charlie’s adventures at Candy Mountain. All the things that are in the past, but never forgotten…

This post is our Grand Finale. The next time you hear from us, we’ll be Turnstyle Back Bay. Turnstyle Kendall riders have already joined you as users of Mindbody and are already booking classes for next week! Turnstyle South End is set to open in mid-April and we can’t wait.

We could use this time to get sappy. We could ask you to post your favorite memories of Vélo on Facebook. We could make a chalkboard wall of favorite past Vélo playlists. But we’re not going to. Because NOTHING but the name is changing. The vibe, pricing, and experience you’ve come to expect in our BASSment is expanding to two other locations in Boston.

And let’s be honest: did anyone ACTUALLY know how to say Vélo-City anyway?

So instead, let’s just do a sale. How about $11.99 single rides with coupon code VELOLOVE? Or the monthly unlimited for $89 with coupon code VELOLOVEMONTHLY? That sounds good to us. Buy as many as you’d like!

Also, want an awesome Vélo tank top before they go vintage? This is your last chance. Purchase your tank today in our online store, and we’ll let you know when they’re in! We’re not ordering extras, so make sure you buy today!

This is an awesome turn for the better, and we’re doing it… in style!

Seriously. It’s been great. See ya soon,

Tom, professional skiier turned cycling instructor
Nick, an even better skiier than Tom
Matt, wanna-be Jetblue pilot
…. and the rest of the Vélo-City Turnstyle family