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Bout That Time, Eh Chap?

Dear Rider,

Surely you remember this video. If you don’t, you should watch it again. And Charlie’s adventures at Candy Mountain. All the things that are in the past, but never forgotten…

This post is our Grand Finale. The next time you hear from us, we’ll be Turnstyle Back Bay. Turnstyle Kendall riders have already joined you as users of Mindbody and are already booking classes for next week! Turnstyle South End is set to open in mid-April and we can’t wait.

We could use this time to get sappy. We could ask you to post your favorite memories of Vélo on Facebook. We could make a chalkboard wall of favorite past Vélo playlists. But we’re not going to. Because NOTHING but the name is changing. The vibe, pricing, and experience you’ve come to expect in our BASSment is expanding to two other locations in Boston.

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A Letter To Vélo-City Riders

Dear Rider,

When we first opened Vélo-City on that cold, winter day in 2013, we never imagined how beautiful 2016 would look. We were a group of guys opening an Indoor Cycling studio, at a time when boutique fitness was growing, studios were sprouting up all over the city, and differentiation was necessary. What was going to be better about Vélo-City? How were we going to stand out? These are all questions that ran through our heads for quite some time.

Fortunately, we had a stroke of luck. We were handed the gift (on a silver platter, we might add) of amazing customers and instructors. Customers and instructors with full time jobs leading busy lives, who looked forward to that reliable and consistent 45 minute workout each day. People like you. No doubt we’re biased, but the Vélo family is AWESOME and you should be proud of yourselves. And words can’t describe how thankful we are. Through a few challenging days and many good days, you stood by us. You were there through our air conditioning issues last year. And you even stayed on your bikes when a random stranger pulled the fire alarm during Steph’s class. You probably shared a beer with us afterwards, too.

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Vélo-City Joins Turnstyle

Vélo-City & Turnstyle Merge to Bring Indoor Group Cycle to Boston’s Masses

Vélo-City, a popular low-cost, no-frills group cycle studio in Boston’s Back Bay has agreed to merge with Cambridge-based Turnstyle Cycle & Bootcamp, another boutique fitness studio that offers both group cycle & TRX (suspension training) bootcamp classes.

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5 Things Turnstyle Isn’t

Photo credit: squidish's photo stream on Flickr

Recently we got a great review on Yelp that summed up beautifully a bunch of things that Turnstyle isn’t:

  1. Shiny
  2. Above-ground
  3. Super high-tech
  4. Spa-like
  5. For everyone

Not for everyone? The reviewer (Andrea from Boston) explains: “If you’re the only-Lulu-wearing, uber-competitive, ‘spin snob’ type, I might recommend you pick another studio. But if you’re new to indoor cycling, or a little less confident about fitness classes, or just want a place that feels completely judgment-free and awesome… go here. Now. Right now.”

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Considering a Personal Trainer? Check Out Indoor Cycling!

Photo credit: CrossfitPaleoDietFitnessClasses photostream on Flickr

Are you considering a personal trainer in the Boston area? Most people decide they want a personal trainer either because:

  1. They lack motivation,
  2. They’re bored with their workouts, or
  3. They’re new to working out and don’t know quite where to start.

The problem with personal trainers, of course, is that you have to pay them. It can also be a challenge to find one that you really click with… sort of like dating…

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Mangia! Vivere! Treat Yourself Right!

Credit: ebarney on Flickr

A lot of people get into indoor cycling and participate in bootcamps, or exercise in general, because they want to lose weight or look more attractive and hopefully feel better about themselves. There are two problems with this:

  1. You might end up looking great but still feel like crap about yourself, and
  2. Depending on how you approach it, exercising to lose weight can be very unhealthy.

Yes, it’s true… you actually need to eat in order to exercise, or to keep breathing for that matter. Excessive fasting and excessive endurance exercise are both major unhealthy ways to lose weight, and doing them both together is obviously even worse.

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More Good News for First-Time Riders

Credit Fundación Reto Aguas Abiertas on Flickr

Recently we blogged about our new First Timers page and some special deals for new riders. We’re happy to say that we’ve been connecting with a lot of new riders lately!

Of course we’re happy about this because we need new people to try indoor cycling or our business is toast. But what makes meeting new clients even better is we actually care on a personal level. Indoor cycling is our passion and we go all-out to help new riders get the most they can out of their first visits to Turnstyle.

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Check Out Our New First-Time Riders Page!

Credit: thefixedfactor on Flickr

We thought about doing free beginner classes at Turnstyle. We figured people might appreciate a quick run-through of how to setup their bike, followed by an introductory playlist and some tips on how to pedal efficiently and do the movements.

But when we did a survey, we found out that people didn’t want special intro classes. They just wanted to ride! So instead, we created a “First Timers” page with a special offer: your first 3 rides are only $30!

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The Meisters Go Veloce, Veloce at Vélo-City

Credit: bjorn1101 on Flickr

A group of guys calling themselves “The Meisters” traded their ice skates for cycling shoes recently for a first-time indoor cycling workout at Turnstyle. What was the experience like for them? As MarkEE put it: “Take the vibe of a Virgin Atlantic flight, add a post-industrial décor, fill the room with fit, gung-ho people, turn the purple lights down real low and pump up the techno house music to Max. Lock your feet into the pedals and blast off!”

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Turnstyle – Our Mission

Credit: Angie Torres on Flickr-

A spinning studio with a “mission”? Yeah, right.

For many people spinning is all about the sensory experience: the soundtrack, the lightshow, the sweat-fest workout…

But at Turnstyle, we want to give our customers more than just some intense stimulation. We want you to feel like you’re a guest, and therefore you can relax. Somebody cares whether you have enough water. Someone’s listening if you need to get their attention. Someone wants to hear how we can improve.

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