First Time at Turnstyle

Group fitness classes can be scary at first. Trust us, you aren’t alone. Even if you’re an experienced rider or bootcamp fanatic, things are different at Turnstyle: our environment is laid back, our classes are at your own pace, and our instructors are real people with day jobs who teach classes for the same reasons you like to workout after a long day at work. You get the idea. Oh, and don’t forget about our awesome themed classes.

When you first arrive at Turnstyle, we will check you in and provide you with a towel and directions on where to go next. If you’re taking an indoor cycling class, we will also provide you with shoes. Fill your water bottle, choose a spot in class wherever you’d like, and give a quick wave to one of our staff members. We’ll get you all setup and ready to go!

Taking a bootcamp class? Set to a high-energy playlist in a room full of color-changing lights, Turnstyle’s TRX-centric bootcamp classes are designed to build strength – especially core strength – and improve flexibility and balance. Our bootcamp classes will not turn you into a muscle head, but they will improve your health and fitness levels (dramatically if you stick with them).

All classes at Turnstyle begin the same way. Your instructor will start by introducing themselves and providing some brief instruction on positions and form. From there, it’s a 45 minute workout you can do at your own pace, in dim lights, competing only against yourself! Everything is optional at Turnstyle.

Generally, it seems to take about three classes before people feel truly comfortable with a Turnstyle workout. Everyone finds their first class challenging, but those feelings quickly dissipate and what you’re left with is a great new way to work out and socialize.

Don’t believe we’re different? Take it from Andrea L., one of our customers:

If you’re the only-Lulu-wearing, uber-competitive, ‘spin snob’ type, I might recommend you pick another studio. But if you’re new to indoor cycling, or a little less confident about fitness classes, or just want a place that feels completely judgment-free and awesome… go here. Now. Right now.

In October 2014, we asked our members to describe their first time experience at Turnstyle. How did they feel before they arrived? What were they nervous about? How did they feel afterwards? To alleviate your concerns, here’s what some of them had to say. Can you relate?

Why did you originally try Turnstyle?

I have always been a physical sport person (basketball, soccer, some rugby) and knew yoga wasn’t the sport for me. Indoor Cycling seemed like a great, physical workout that didn’t involve too much group participation or instruction.

My friends had said it was a great workout, that was a lot of fun. Never before did I enjoy doing group classes and insisted I liked working out on my own much better. My two friends were going, so I figured this was my opportunity to try it with them.

I wanted to try a different type of workout, where I was accountable to other people to show up and be part of the group.

Were you nervous or worried about anything?

I thought it would be way too hard and intense and worried I would be too out of shape to keep up.

Yes. I was fearful it would be too challenging, or I would look silly if I wasn’t doing it exactly right compared to the ‘regulars’ in the class.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my feet out after class– but that quickly dissipated!

How did you feel afterwards?

I quickly understood I could go at my own pace, if need be.

Exhausted but invigorated.

I was worried I wouldn’t be able to get my feet out after class– but that quickly dissipated!

Awesome! I felt so comfortable. I wish I had tried a class sooner.

Come give us a try for as little as $10 per class. Once you’re hooked, come as often as you’d like for as little as $99! We’ll help you get setup on your bike, or show you what to expect in the class, and help you move at your own pace on your own schedule. Also, see what others are saying about their experience here.

Ready to get going? Choose your preferred location to access our schedule and register for your very first class! You’ll have the opportunity to purchase a discounted credit as you sign up.