Frequently Asked Questions

Most of the questions first time customers have can be answered below. However, if you don’t see the answer to your question, please feel free to call Turnstyle anytime during our operating hours and someone will be more than happy to help you out and get you ready to ride with us!

​We want you to use your credits and get the most out of your Turnstyle experience. However, last minute cancellations cause spots to go unused by other customers who want to register for a class. Therefore, we ask that you cancel a class at least 12 hours in advance of the class start time. Customers who fail to cancel within this early cancellation window will forfeit their credit. While other studios often charge a cancellation fee, we understand that unexpected costs can cause burdens on our members; therefore, unlimited members who fail to cancel during the early cancellation window will forfeit one day off of their package. Unlimited members who fail to cancel before the start of class will forfeit two days off of their package.

We understand things happen. As long as you call or email the studio and tell us you are running a little late, we will hold your spot for you up until the start of class. However, we maintain a waitlist for each class, and we want to give those customers a chance to sweat. If you are not checked in 5 minutes prior to the start of class and have not called the studio, you risk the chance of your spot being given to someone on the waitlist. In the event that you arrive at the studio and your spot has been given to a customer on the waitlist, we will place the credit back on your account to be used at a later date.

As a courtesy to other riders, we will no longer let anybody new into the room once the class has begun.

​Yes! Whether you are a Tour de France winner, bootcamp fanatic, or someone who has never worked out, the amount of energy and effort you put into a class is totally your call. We recommend trying to keep up with the instructor for best results, but if you can’t keep up, you can adjust the resistance on your bike or ask your instructor for suggestions to make the class more manageable. If you attend regularly (*hint* *hint* our monthly subscriptions start at just $99), you’ll see steady improvement over time. Be sure to read about your first time at Turnstyle – everyone gets jitters!

Come to the studio 15 minutes early for your first class, and we’ll get you all set up! We’ll make sure you know your personal settings for future classes, but remember that you can always ask for help! That’s why we’re here.

No, but because we believe wearing shoes that clip into the pedals dramatically increases the quality of the workout, we provide customers with a complimentary pair of shoes with every class. However, if you have your own bike shoes that you’d prefer to wear, our pedals accommodate both LOOK and SPD clips at Back Bay, Kendall, and South End. Only SPD clips are available at Woburn.

​Yes, all Turnstyle locations have multiple bathrooms and changing areas. Customers are welcome to show up in their workout clothes or work clothes.

Yes, we do have lockable lockers for valuables, but we also have larger cubbies for every customer that are never left unattended by a Turnstyle staff member while class is in session.

We have showers at all locations except Back Bay. Back Bay riders may utilize the showers available at Adidas RunBase, located at 855 Boylston Street, during most lunch and evening classes. Please verify Adidas RunBase will be open, as hours do vary.

Parking at each location is different. For Back Bay, there is ample street parking in the area, and before 8 am, paying the meter is not necessary. In Kendall, parking is $4 for up to two hours, with limited meter parking available on the street. For South End, there is limited metered street parking available. Parking in Woburn should rarely be an issue, as there is an adjacent parking lot.

Yes, full-time students can buy single or multiple class packages at discounted pricing. Please visit our pricing page to purchase credits.

Classpass members can purchase discounted classes directly through our studio by following these instructions.

If you want to earn points in our rewards program but aren’t receiving emails after you take a class, you probably haven’t signed up for promotions in Mindbody. To resolve this issue, please follow these instructions.

For every friend you refer, you’ll earn points towards a free class or other awesome things! Simply follow these instructions.